Regarded as the “Capital of SMEs” with over 48,000 SMEs.

Also known as the “granary” of Turkey.

Leading producer of flour, sugar, salt, milk, wheat, barley, sugar beet in Turkey.

The only province in Turkey that aluminum mineral is prospected.

Machine production, automotive supply industry, metal casting, agricultural tools and machinery production, food production industry and shoemaking are the leading sectors in Konya.

Turkey's leader in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment.

45% share in the Turkish market of metal processing machines,

70% share in the Turkish market of vehicle-mounted equipment sector

45% of Turkey’s agricultural machinery production

13th in Turkey with over $2,1 billion exports in 2020

Konya exports are more than the total export value of 36 cities.

Konya exports to more than 160 countries.

Konya has more than 2.700 registered exporters.

The share of manufacturing industry export in total exports is 96%.

Top 5 export countries: Iraq, USA, Germany, Russia and Italy.

Exports increased 25 times from 2000 to 2020.

19th in Turkey with $916 million imports in 2020

Top 5 import countries: China, Russian Fedaration,Germany, Taiwan and Ukraine.

Roughly $1.24 billion trade surplus in 2020

Exporting more than 160 countries

From 2000 to 2020, exportation value increased 25 times

2,700+ exporting companies

385 foreign direct investments from 57 countries

8 firms in the “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” and 14 in “Turkey’s 2nd Top 500 Industrial Enterprises”

With 2,513 trademark registrations, 61 patents and 76 utility model registrations in 2020

44.7% employment rate (Konya-Karaman region)

48.6% labor force participation rate (Konya-Karaman region)

8% unemployment rate (Konya-Karaman region)