Defence Industry

Konya industrial sector increases its product range with its rapid-developing and dynamic industrial structure. Konya industry now has a say in defense industry, medical, biochemistry, rail systems, energy, software and logistics.

Konya industry, different from other provinces in Türkiye, inherently incorporates various sectors simultaneously. Developed sectors in Konya are headed by automotive supply industry and machine production. Agricultural machinery, casting, paint production, plastics, chemicals, construction materials, paper and packaging, foodstuff production and shoemaking are among other developed sectors.

Konya also is a reliable and important defense industry investment area with its secure geopolitical location.  Not only Konya is able to serve defence industry with her current industrial infrastructure, she is also a suitable investment area for main defence industry firms. Konya, which has a strong energy infrastructure, is an important centre with her existing supply industry, proximity to the capital and railway connection. The presence of the air force base used for jet fighter and AWACS operations is an indicator of her geographical station and transportation opportunities.

Considering Konya's share and growth trend in our country's defense and aerospace industry export figures, physical and technical infrastructure works, developments in vocational and technical education infrastructure for qualified workforce, it can be seen that Konya is building a prominent defense industry ecosystem.

From a historical perspective, the journey that started with gunpowder shops and weapons depots in the Ottoman period and the War of Independence is based on 109-year-old solid foundations that began in Huğlu in 1914, which later became a development model. Thanks to these foundations laid in the past, Huğlu has become a globally recognized brand, especially in the category of shotguns, firearms and long-barreled light weapons.

Konya is in a very important position in terms of physical infrastructure with 12 Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) on an area of 57 million m2 and ranks 4th in Türkiye in the number of OIZs. Konya Organized Industrial Zone (KOS) is Türkiye's second largest OIZ with an area of 31 million square meters. In addition, 180-hectare area has been designated as "Konya Technology Industrial Zone" and ASELSAN Konya Weapon Systems Facility has been established in the first stage in the area. Furthermore, Works for Specialized Weapon Industrial Sites, which will be in Huğlu and Üzümlü for the first time in Türkiye, continue.

Konya, by making important moves in the field of qualified workforce in defense and aerospace industry, established Selçuk University Huğlu Weapon Technician Department, ASELSAN Konya Vocational and Technical High School, Mehmet Tuza PAKPEN Vocational and Technical High School, Huğlu Defense Industry Vocational and Technical High School, Üzümlü Defense Industry Vocational and Technical High School and Ereğli Fatih Vocational and Technical High School (Aircraft Body-Engine).

Especially with the effect of national policies in recent years, Konya's status in defense and aerospace industry has made a significant progress with the support of Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA) together with national local stakeholders. Konya is among the provinces (ranked 4th in 2022) that make the most defense and aviation exports in Turkey. Konya's share in Türkiye’s defense and aerospace exports in 2015-2022 period increased from 1.59% to 3.09%

Looking at the distribution of companies producing weapon ammunition by provinces, it is seen that there are 822 companies in Türkiye as of March 2023. Within this regard, Konya is in the first place with 517 companies, Istanbul is in the second place with 118 companies and Ankara is in the third place with 47 companies. These provinces are followed by İzmir with 23 firms, Kırıkkale with 22 firms and Düzce with 11 firms. 63% of the companies engaged in the production of weapon ammunition operate in Konya. Konya employs 11,389 personnel and 32.2% of the personnel working in this field in Türkiye.

Considering the distribution of manufacturers and production capacities of pistols, revolvers, non-military firearms and similar items by province, there is a total production capacity of 49,841,768 units in Türkiye as of March 2023. It is seen that Konya ranks first in Turkey with a production capacity of 23,785,938, which makes 47.7% of Türkiye's production capacity.

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