Defence Industry

Konya industrial sector increases its product range with its rapid-developing and dynamic industrial structure. Konya industry now has a say in defence industry, medical, biochemistry, rail systems, energy, software and logistics.

Konya industry, different from other provinces in Türkiye, inherently incorporates various sectors simultaneously. Developed sectors in Konya are headed by automotive supply industry and machine production. Agricultural machinery, casting, paint production, plastics, chemicals, construction materials, paper and packaging, foodstuff production and shoemaking are among other developed sectors.

Konya also is a reliable and important defence industry investment area with its secure geopolitical location.  Not only Konya is able to serve defence industry with her current industrial infrastructure, she is also a suitable investment area for main defence industry firms. Konya, which has a strong energy infrastructure is an important centre with her existing supply industry, proximity to the capital and railway connection. The presence of the air force base used for jet fighter and AWACS operations is an indicator of her geographical station and transportation opportunities.

There are 63 firms registered in Defence Industry Exporters Association. Most of these enterprises are producing hunting or sporting rifles. Around non-exporting 40 firms are operating in other subsectors of defence industry.  These firms act as a suppliers to main contractors and do not have direct exports.

Konya has the largest number of producers in (25.40.12) Revolvers, pistols, non-military firearms and similar devices sector with 90 but also has the largest annual production capacity with over 8 million pieces which gives her a central position in hunting rifle production. Rifles produced in Konya have high competitiveness for their cost, quality and craftsmanship. Around 80% of the production is exported. Konya exports are rapidly increasing in this regard. In Jan-Oct 2016, Konya exported more than the entire 2015 but also increased her share in the Turkish exports to 2.3%.

Konya also hosts the firm which develops the motor and drivetrain components for the new Turkish MBT project.

Local actors of Konya organise a number of activities in a variety of in order to get a better share of defence industry such as training programs, seminars, conferences, B2Bs and facility visits. Works to establish a defence and aeronautics cluster is ongoing.

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