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Agricultural Tools and Machinery

Konya has a very prominent place in Turkey regarding agriculture and industrial production. A synergy of these two sectors have made Konya a center in agriculture based industry and agricultural machinery. Especially, the large farmlands of the province have increased the requirements for the soil cultivation tools and machinery. Consequently, the agricultural machinery sector consists one of the most developed industrial fields of Konya. Konya is also an appropriate province for supplying raw materials, semi-products and end products needed by these sectors and the city has a sufficient infrastructure for that production.

The outstanding products are: tractors, milling machines, agricultural trailers and semi-trailers, plows, rakes and drills, mineral or chemical fertilizer scattering machines, weed cleaners, seedling and sapling machines, hay-making machines, hay and straw baling machines, removal and harvesting machines, beet topping and harvesting machines, combined harvesting and threshing machinery, electric lawn mowers and motor lawn-mowers.

Konya holds over 65% of the Turkish market in agricultural machinery and milling industries with 45% national exportation share. Konya exports to 50 countries in the field of agricultural machinery. There are about 400 firms operating in this area and employs more than 10.000 people.

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