- Since there is not a particular “Chamber of Metal Casters” in Konya, a large number of small and big foundries are registered under different profession chambers. These foundries generally operate in “New Metal Castering Industrial Zone”, “Anatolia Industrial Zone” and “1st, 2nd and 3rd Organized Industrial Zones”.

- While some portion of foundries is busy with steel and aluminium casting process most of them are busy with gray cast iron process. These branches play an important role for agricultural machine production, a prominent sector in Konya and Turkish machine production industry.

- With the development of agricultural machinery production sector, metal casting industry has also improved greatly. The importance of metal casting increases with the usage of the cast metal in the production of machines. It is very crucial to know the casting standards and producing in accord to these standards to ensure that the production is high quality.

- There are 285 firms in metal casting sector. Potential customers for metal casting sector are mostly in Konya that’s why 40% of the firms in Konya are the part of metal casting value chain. The casting sector affects 63% of the total exports and 78% of the industrial exports of Konya.

- Konya produced 180.000 tons of metal casting products in 2008 (14% of Turkish production). The total capacity in the region is estimated to be 400.000 tons annually. 43% of the metal casting capacity of Konya is gray cast iron, 25% is steel, 22% is other cast irons, 5% is bronze, 3% is valve and 2% is aluminum.

- Konya hosts 25% of the foundries in Turkey.

- Average employees per foundry is 21 in iron casting firms, 19 in steel casting firms, 18 in valve production firms, 38 in aluminum casting firms and 16 in bronze casting firms. The most employee density is in aluminum foundries and the second most is in iron casting foundries.

- When we observe the employment data according to the type of cast, it’s seen that gray iron, sfero and steel foundries are the most dense firms.

- The main market for metal casting is Europe which receives 48% of the total metal casting exports. Most important trade partners are Italy(11%), Greece (10%) and Germany (6%). Although Germany is the biggest importer of Turkish metal casting, for Konya it comes 3rd. Other important export markets are Iran(6%), Russia (6%) and Iraq (4%).

- Considering the direct and indirect exports of casting and related products, 37% consists of machine parts, 33% consists of automotive parts, 27% consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and 3% steel products. The amount of direct and indirect exports of casting and related products in Konya is $560 million in 2008.

- According to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey's (TOBB) 2010 data, the only firm in the branch of “fork, spoon, knife (black metal sheet)” is in Konya. Konya which is located in TR52 region is a very important metal casting center. 80 of the 258 steel cast producers in Turkey are located in Konya. In grey iron cast 107 out of 379 firms in Turkey are located in Konya Furthermore, in sphero casting 89 out of 283 firms in Turkey are in Konya.