According to 2010 General Industry and Business Census, there are around 23.000 businesses operating in production industry. Among these firms, 24,9% are in İstanbul, 8,1% in Ankara, 7,2% in İzmir, 5,6% in Bursa, 1,7% in İzmit and 5,7% in Konya.

According to TOBB industry database, in Konya machinery manufacturing sector there are approximately 750 companies. In the sector, about 20000 people are employed.   

In 2008, according to the survey of Konya Chamber of Industry, in machinery manufacturing sector, there are 269 companies that are registered to Konya Chamber of Industry. 

Konya is among the cities in which machinery manufacturing industry is concentrated.

Konya has the advantage of qualified workforce in machinery manufacturing industry.

In the sector, the highest employment exists in the sub-sector of manufacture of fluid powered equipment; this sub-sector is followed respectively, by manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machinery, lifting and handling equipment, bearing-gear-transmission driven equipment, metal processing machinery, motor&turbine, pumps&compressors and manufacture of other machinery sub-sectors.

In the sector of metal processing machines, Konya holds 70% of Turkish market. Also, Konya is the sector leader of the country in agricultural machinery, holding 65% of the market. Other important production goods of Konya in production sector are welding machines, compressors, automatic upcut shears, pressing machines, hydraulic cylinders and pumps, engine overhaul machines and various drills.

Important production items of Konya in machinery manufacturing industry are welding machines, compressors, automatic guillotine shears, various presses, hydraulic cylinders and pumps, engine renewal machines, various drills.

Konya is the locomotive of metal processing machinery sector in Turkey. 

Having a very important potential in truck-mounted equipment Konya exports to many countries. In manufacturing of truck-mounted equipment sector, Konya has approximately 75% of the Turkish market.

In the subsector of metal processing machinery, Konya has 70% of  the Turkish market. 

In mill machinery manufacturing sub-sector, Konya is the sector leader.

Konya has 65% of the Turkish market in agricultural machinery sub-sector. 

When the basic indicators of local units in Konya have been looked at, it’s seen that the share of machinery manufacturing sector in whole manufacturing sector is 10,69%, which is twice of Turkey.

Looking at the number of employees in machinery manufacturing sector, in Turkey 1.99% of employees in manufacturing sector works in this sector. This ratio is 4.21% for Konya. This data shows that machinery manufacturing sector is very important for Konya in terms of both employment and local units.

According to the machinery and metalwork industries special commission report of State Planning Organization, machinery manufacturing of Turkey is about 15 billion EU. When compared to European Union countries, Turkey comes 6th with the ration of 4,3%.

Machinery and its equipment export makes 7,1% of Turkey’s total export value.