• Compared to Turkey, the percentage of agricultural areas is relatively higher (67,7%).

  • Konya is the leading producer of wheat, sugar beet, beans, carrots and eggs in Turkey.

  • 59.4% of carrot production, 30.3% of sugar beet production and 28.4% of dry bean production of Turkey is in Konya.

  • There are more than 1.300 farmers working on organic agriculture.

  • Konya is the second biggest producer of barley and red meat, in Turkey.

  • Regarding milk, Konya is the second biggest producer in sheep milk and cow milk.

  • Konya is second regarding the number of sheep and fourth in bovines.

  • Konya makes up 11.66% of Turkish chicken egg production.

  • Konya is 25th in Agricultural production per rural capita in Turkey but leads the country regarding total agricultural production value.

  • More than 100.000 agricultural enterprises operate in Konya.

  • Out of 2.1m ha or agricultural area, 58.87% is fields, 35.44% is fallow, 1.22% is vegetable fields, 1.02% is fruit orchards and 0.48% is vineyards.

  • Around 16% of Konya exports is made up by agricultural products. As of 2013 Konya exported $224m worth of agricultural products.

  • Konya has vast areas suitable for large scale agricultural investments. There are more than 450 Treasury owned areas over 300 da.

  • Climate and soil composition is suitable for fruit growing, organic agriculture and other agruicultural sectors.

  • Konya has mora than 760.000 ha  of meadows, making it suitable for rantable livestock production.

  • Konya also hosts the largest Livestock Organised Industrial Zone with over 2.100 da of area.

  • Strong agricultural industry allows the procession of agricultural goods.

  • Workforce costs are considerably lower in Konya.