Konya has an important place in Turkey in food production industry.

Konya is the leading producer of Turkey in wheat, sugar beet, dry bean, carrots and eggs and ranks high on barley, chickpea, potato, sunflower and mushrooms as well as meat and milk products, hosting 7 % of Turkish food production industry.

As of 2012 there are nine companies in Konya that ranked in “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” and five of them are active in food production industry.

The highest ranked company of Konya, Konya Şeker (44th) operates in food production (4th ranked in Turkey). Also 14 of “Turkey’s Second 500 Industrial Enterprises” are in Konya and 7 of them operate in food industry.

All and all, 12 of 23 biggest enterprises in Konya are active in food industry and that shows how advanced and important the sector is for Konya.