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Investment Climate

KONYA, is the centre of agriculture, commerce, industry and tourism in both Turkey and Central Anatolian Region as a locomotive for other cities. Konya is very important manufacturing base in Turkey.

OUR VISION “Becoming a leader region that utilizes resources in an effective and environment-sensitive manner, employing strong socio-cultural structure and constantly develops under competitiveness basis”.

Konya is the largest province in Turkey with 41,001 km2 area. Konya ranks 7th in Turkey with 2,130,544 population. (2,7% of Turkey’s Population). Population density for Konya (per square km) is 55. In Istanbul, this number is 2,821. Konya comes 2nd in the number of districts. Konya has one of the lowest Earthquake risk in Turkey.

KONYA is larger than almost 50 countries in the World. Some of them are: Belgium, Moldova, Taiwan, Albania, Armenia, Macedonia, Israel, Slovenia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jamaica, Lebanon, Kosovo, Luxemburg, Bahrain, Dominica, Singapore, Malta.

KONYA’s population is higher than over 50 countries in the World. Some of them are: Bahrain, Qatar, Latvia, Estonia, Luxemburg, Malta, Iceland.

57.5% of the population is below 35. Child population rate is 30.3% in Konya. Young population share is %24,9 (15-29 age).

Ability to reach more than 10 million people in 3 hours by land (Ankara, Antalya, Cappadocia). There are railway connections to major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Mersin). Konya ranks 1st in the lenght of the State and Province Road and Divided Road. 4 hours to the biggest harbour (Mersin) of Turkey... Konya ranks 2nd in the road lengths of railway in Turkey. Konya-İstanbul  travel takes 4 hours 20 min.; Konya-Ankara travel takes 1 hour 35 minutes; Konya-Eskisehir travel takes 1 hour 42 min. with high speed trains.

There exist daily flights between İstanbul and Konya with 3 airlines companies. You can reach everywhere in the world with connecting flights from İstanbul direct flights. You can reach to more than 50 countries in 4-5 hours with İstanbul flight. Also, there are Konya-İzmir flights... There exist seasonal direct flights to abroad.

Konya’s distance to Mersin Port is 388 km by railway. Konya’s distance to Antalya (also has a port) is 322 km by highway. Konya-Karaman-Mersin will be rehabilitated and will be a double line. Konya-Karaman-Taşucu railway project, a most important project for Konya, will be a double line for both goods and passengers. Distance will be 275 km. Also, There is a “Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri Speed-Train” project.

Konya is a very important agricultural, industrial and commercial area. Konya has 40,196 work places and Konya is 6th in Turkey. Konya hosts over 200 foreign-capital firms. Turkey’s unemployment rate is 9.7 %; in Konya, it is 4.7 % and the 2nd lowest rate. Labour force participation rate in Turkey is 50.8%; in Konya, it is 48.4%. Employment rate is in Turkey 45.9%; in Konya it is 46.2%. Konya holds the 7th place in Turkey regarding the number of employed persons. Also, there are 24 industrial enterprises in top 1.000 in Turkey (the search of Istanbul Chamber of Industry).

Leading Sectors are Machine Production, Automotive Spare Parts Industry, Metal Casting, Food Industry, Vehicle-Mounted Equipment Production, Plastics-Packaging, Shoemaking, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment and Milling Machine. The Metal Processing Machines Sector’s proportion of Konya  in the Turkish market is 45%. Besides the imports from many countries it also holds 70% of the Turkish market of Vehicle Mounted Equipment.

In Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Sector, Konya produces tractors using 90% domestic components and agricultural machines using approximately 100% domestic components. In this sector, Konya is the leader of Turkish market and export.

Konya has a capacity to address the 30% of automotive companies‘ needs in Turkey. Producing parts and equipment over 70% for many brands and models in automotive sector. Konya has 2 R&D centres. One of them is in automotive supply industry company and the other one is in non-pharmacologic products company. Dry air favouring metal resistance. The only Primary Aluminium Production in Turkey.

The firm, Turkey’s leading exporter of office furniture, is in Konya. - With 15 million pairs, Konya accounts for 15% of Turkish shoe production. The leading firms in plastic packaging material production are established in Konya, as well as the sectoral leading firm in PVC production. Konya is one of the important centres of metal casting industry. In metal casting industry, Konya has 18% market share.

Leading Turkey in total agricultural area, cultivated area and fallowing area. 1st in cereal production. 1st in the production of seeds and has 38% share in Turkey. 1st place in the value of total agricultural production, livestock, livestock production and the number of cattle. Konya is the leading producer of milk, wheat, sunflower, sugar-beet, barley, cherry, carrot, flour, salt, dry bean, lupine, tulip and sugar in Turkey. 65% of Turkey’s salt demand is supplied from Konya. 15% of Turkey’s flour demand is supplied from Konya.

25% of durum wheat production. Konya ranks 2nd in the production of sour cherry, clover, potato, green pea, nigella and corn (for silage). Konya ranks 3rd in the production of safflower, cultivated mushroom and chick pea. Konya ranks 1st in the production of carp and zander. Konya ranks 2nd in the number of small cattle, sheep and layer hens. Konya Commodity Exchange has the first electronic salesroom in Turkey.

Konya ranks 1st in the number of combine harvester, fertilizer distributor machine, sowing machine (seeder) and mobile milking machine. Konya ranks 2nd in the number of tractor, plough and water pump.

-          Trademark Registration

7th in Turkey with 2,369 trademarks

-          Patent Registration

6th with 45 patents

-          Industrial Design Registration

7th with 1,435 designs

-          Utility Model Registration

5th with 146 useful models

There are 9 Organized Indsutrial Zones in Konya and Konya ranks 4th in Turkey:

1.       Konya Organized Industrial Zone

2.       Konya 1st Organized Industrial Zone

3.       Akşehir Organized Industrial Zone

4.       Beyşehir Organized Industrial Zone

5.       Çumra Organized Industrial Zone

6.       Ereğli Organized Industrial Zone

7.       Karapınar Organized Industrial Zone

8.       Seydişehir Organized Industrial Zone

9.       Kulu Organized Industrial Zone

One of the most feasible regions in Turkey for renewable energy investments, especially solar energy. Total allowed capacity in Turkey for solar energy is 600MW. Konya has 92 MW of this limit. It is the highest in Turkey. Annual average solar insolation in Karapınar is nearly 2,100* kWh/m2 (*PVGIS). Annual Sunshine Duration in Karapınar is nearly 3,000 hours/year. Wide Range of Export Network.

One of the richest lignite coal mine reserve (almost 1.8 billion tonnes) is found in Konya-Karaman Region. Karapınar Thermal Power Plant: reserve for 30 years; 5,250 MW installed power…

There are 1,543 exporter firms in Konya and it ranks 6th in Turkey with these firms. From 2001 to 2014 export value was grown up fifteen fold and the number of the exporter firms was grown up 3.3 fold. Exports to more than 170 countries.

There are almost over than 100,000 students in 4 universities in Konya. It ranks to 4th city according to the number of university instructors and professors, 5th in the number of associate professors, 6th in the number of university students and the 5th city both number of students and schools in vocational educational area.

Established at the end of 2004, Konya Teknopark is one of the fastest developing in Turkey, which has more than 100 companies and entrepreneurship its structure. There are 2 technopark in Konya. Turkey's first and only "Science Centre" supported by TUBITAK was established in Konya.

There are 6 Clusters in our Region:

-          Automotive Spare Part Cluster

-          Casting Cluster

-          Agricultural Machinery Cluster

-          Shoe-Making Cluster

-          ICT Cluster

-         Defense and Aviation

Mevlana Museum is the  3rd most visited museum in Turkey (2012). Almost 2.3 million tourists visit Konya in 2014. 29 hotels and over 4.600 bedding capacity in these hotels. There are 3 hotels with 5 stars and 8 hotels with 4 stars in the Region.

There exist mosaic of cultural tolerance, economic prosperity and historical assets. Konya is the centre of Belief Tourism in Turkey. Çatalhöyük (World’s First City B.C. 7,000-8,000) dig site is the largest and best preserved Neolithic site found to date. Çatalhöyük has been added to World Heritage List.

Konya Selçuklu Capital City, Eşrefoğlu Mosque, Anatolian Selçuklu Madrasahs, Eflatunpınar: Hittite Water Monument and Lake Salt Special Environmental Protection Area are in the tentative list of World Heritage List.

Konya was chosen second in the category of Cities with best economic potential by FDI Magazine (2006-2007) Konya was the 4th city on category of the Best Large City for FDI Strategy (2010-2011) in FDI Magazine. Konya is the 6th city on category of FDI Strategy in Southern Europe, 10th in Large cities Category and 10th in cost effectiveness (European Cities and Regions in the Future 2012/13 in FDI Magazine Report).

One of the most feasible regions in Turkey for renewable energy investments, especially solar and wind energy. One of the richest lignite coal mine reserve (almost 1,8 billion tonnes) is found in Konya-Karaman Region.

Konya is in the 2nd Zone according to the Investment Incentive System. Investments in Organized Industrial Zone are 3rd Zone. Konya is the 2nd city with 251 investment incentive  certificate in Turkey (2015).