Karapınar Energy Industry Zone

Karapınar Energy Industry Zone

Another factor that makes our region most suitable is, for sure, ready infrastructure and available land facilities to energy investments. There are large and nonarable lands in Konya, especially in Karapinar. 59.586.876 square meters of area that has been declared as Industrial Zone Specialized in Energy which will be given further incentives in addition to the current incentive system, will be available to investors. The installed capacity of region's potential for solar power plants is 4000 MW. The Power Substation which will be connected by the manufacturers is at the border of the declared land. With the investments in the region, we think that in an area of 1 m², between 60 KWh and 90 KWh of energy could be produced annually. This amount of energy production per square meter can bring annualy the minimum income of 8 USD/m2/year. When compared to similar places, this area has approximately U.S. $ 10 billion economic value.


Properties Of Location

Investment Criteria



Location of Area

Annual Total Sunshine Duration

2.964 hour / year

Annual Solar Radiation

2.100 kWh/m2year

Climate Charecteristics

Low atmospheric density

Open (02 okta)

Distance to Riverbeds

There is not river

Low air polution

Very low

Low wind potential

5,5 meter/sec/year

Arid climate

Semi arid, Cold

Low Humidity


Distance to Sea

265 km/Akdeniz

Low air temperature

11,83 C°

Positional Properties Of Location

Inclined terrain

1,5 °

Land without the risk of earthquakes

5. Degree

Land has not been protected by law


Non forest land


Non agriculture land


Non pasture land


Railway, highway land not exceeding


Not close to the airport land

110 km

Military exercises in the field, away from the land

Enough distance

Away from the urban area of land

Enough distance

Away from the main roads and the coastal strip of land


Land is not lookup field for mining or oil


Distance to Altitudes


The land away from the direction of bird migration

Enough Distance

Other Issues

Obstacle to investment license

There is no obstacle to invesment license

Transformers and Transmission Constraints

100 MVA Transformer and

200 MW Transmission Capacity


Customs Duty Exemption,

VAT Exemption,

Land Allocation,

Social Security Premium Support

(Employee’s Share) ,

Tax Reduction

Tax Incentives ın Industrial Zones


Qualified Human Resources

52 person/km2,


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